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Infusing Modern Medicine with Modern Technology

Welcome to The New Face of Medicine

As technology advances, we have more ways than ever to take control of our health. That’s where Infusion Health comes in, offering specialized services to take healthcare to new levels. Infusion Health Telemedicine Clinic Telemedicine Services are not a replacement for urgent care. In addition, our services cannot replace the care of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to address concerns related to pre-existing conditions.


Learn more below on how Infusion Health Telemedicine Clinic can help you from the comfort of your home or office. Discovery our Telemedicine Services strengths below – plus 5 tips for a Great TeleMedicine Consultation.

Understanding Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to the practice of delivering medical services remotely using telecommunications technology. It enables healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without the need for in-person visits. Through the use of video calls, phone consultations, secure messaging, and digital health platforms, telemedicine has made healthcare more accessible, convenient, and efficient.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

Improved Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine has the potential to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, particularly for those in remote areas or with limited mobility. It eliminates the need for long-distance travel and reduces wait times, enabling individuals to receive timely medical attention without geographical constraints. Patients in underserved communities can now access specialist care without the need for extensive travel or relocation.

Patient First

Being connected with the patient is the most important part of a working relationship. The patient must have trust and confidence in our ability.

“We look forward to creating a lasting relationship.”

— Dr. Wallace & Dr. Sundermeyer

Our Expertise

It’s not about treating symptoms or diseases

It is about determining what you have control over so you can live your life with the vitality and health you deserve. We live in a culture, where people are conditioned to expect aches and pains in life, so when you feel chronically tired, your stress levels are high, or your knees start to hurt, you think that’s just the way it is going to be.


The truth is that you don’t have to settle for feeling tired, run down, or overwhelmed, and you don’t have to settle for feeling average. For each of us there is a best that we can feel, and we want to help find that a better you to experience life as it should be – as you want it to be.

  • Chronic Disease
  • Digestive Problems
  • Regenerative Joint Injections
  • Fertility Support
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Chronic Fatigue

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    Additional Benefits of Telemedicine

    Convenience and Time Savings

    One of the key advantages of telemedicine is its convenience. Patients can schedule virtual appointments at their preferred time, eliminating the need to take time off work or make arrangements for transportation. This flexibility not only saves time but also reduces the overall healthcare costs associated with in-person visits.


    Telemedicine offers cost-effective solutions for both patients and healthcare providers. By eliminating travel expenses and reducing the number of hospital or clinic visits, patients can significantly reduce their healthcare costs. Additionally, healthcare providers can optimize their resources and reduce overhead expenses associated with maintaining physical facilities, leading to potential cost savings.

    Continuity of Care and Follow-up

    Telemedicine allows for better continuity of care, particularly for patients with chronic conditions who require regular follow-up visits. Virtual consultations enable healthcare providers to monitor patients’ progress, adjust treatment plans, and address any concerns promptly. This regular communication promotes patient engagement, adherence to treatment regimens, and better health outcomes.

    Reduced Healthcare Disparities

    Telemedicine has the potential to reduce healthcare disparities by providing equitable access to quality care. It enables individuals in rural or low-income areas to receive specialist consultations and expert opinions, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status. By breaking down barriers to healthcare access, telemedicine promotes health equity and inclusivity.

    Patient Empowerment and Engagement

    Through telemedicine, patients have greater control over their healthcare journey. They can actively participate in their treatment plans, access their health records online, and engage in shared decision-making with their healthcare providers. This empowerment leads to improved patient satisfaction, increased adherence to treatment, and better overall health management.

    Telemedicine has emerged as a transformative force in healthcare, offering numerous benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and the overall healthcare system. Its ability to enhance access, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and continuity of care has made it an indispensable tool in modern medicine. As technology continues to advance, telemedicine will likely play an even greater role in shaping the future of healthcare, improving outcomes, and empowering patients worldwide.

    Laying the Foundation and Maximizing Your Messengers

    Optimizing the inner you to maximize your potential.

    Thyroid Dysfunction

    • Fatigue
    • Hair Loss
    • Weight Gain
    • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
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    Adrenal Dysfunction

    • Depression
    • Degenerative Diseases
    • Neurological Diseases
    • Decreased Sex Hormones
    Learn More

    Digestive Dysfunction

    • Acid Reflux
    • Gas/bloating
    • Autoimmune Disease
    • Loose Stools or Constipation
    Learn More


    • Depression
    • Degenerative Diseases
    • Neurological Diseases
    • Decreased Sex Hormones
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    BHRT for Men

    • Joint Pain
    • Depression
    • Memory Loss
    • Decreased Strength
    Learn More

    BHRT for Women

    • Migraines
    • Mood Swings
    • Memory Loss
    • Hot Flashes (Hot Flushes)
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    Preparing for Your Infusion Health Telemedicine Consultation

    Just like a regular visit to a doctor’s office, paperwork and informed consents will need to be filled out before a visit can take place. These documents will be available through your online portal to ensure that your privacy is strictly confidential. Only the doctors will be able to view your content.

    Let’s Get Going!

    What you will need to prepare for your Telemedicine Consultation Services:


    • A computer with a video camera and an stable internet connection
    • To sign in to (this will allow the interview process)
    • A secure, quiet and private location (this is your doctor’s visit after all; minus the waiting rooms)



    What to expect:


    • Once in the virtual office, this is your opportunity to relax and talk to your doctor
    • As needed, appropriate lab testing will be ordered
    • Kits will be mailed to you for specific testing
    • Blood labs will be conducted through local providers, laboratory facilities or at your home or office through Iggbo
    • A plan of care will take place and will be refined once tests are complete



    5 Tips for a Great Telemedicine Consultation

    The right tools and conditions make for a better telemedicine session.


    #1: Have a good, stable internet connection. Here are key points to ensure a smooth call:

    • Use high-speed internet
    • Use an ethernet cable instead of wi-fi. Poor wireless signals often cause quality issues
    • Limit internet usage during a call. Don’t stream movies or download music during a call, it takes up bandwidth

    #2: Make sure a firewall isn’t blocking access.

    Occasionally, hospitals and clinics have firewall settings that could impact the video connection. If you’re having issues connecting, have your IT staff make sure a firewall isn’t causing the issue.


    #3: Use a good computer.

    Running video takes a lot of a computer’s processing power. Old computers or computers running a lot of programs in the background can produce poor quality.


    #4: Restart your computer before a call.

    Sometimes video programs (Skype/Facetime) are still running in the background without you realizing. When this happens, it can block access to the camera or microphone. By restarting your computer, it will clear these hidden connections.


    #5: Make sure your browser is up to date.

    Sometimes users can experience issues when they are using an outdated version of their browser. Be sure to restart your browser often to stay up to date (browsers automatically update on restart). Please use Chrome or Firefox. Explorer and Safari do not perform well for our telemedicine consultations.


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