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About Infusion Health Telemedicine Clinic

Dedicated to Providing Health and Wellness Through Naturopathic Medicine

Being connected with the patient is the most important part of a working relationship. The patient must have trust and confidence in our ability. Then being able to communicate in a way that builds a bond; where we can work together to bring back or maintain proper health.

“We look forward to creating a lasting relationship.”

Dr. Wallace & Dr. Sundermeyer

We Are Passionate About Good Health and Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) focus on creating ultimate health through the use of natural therapeutics, holistic medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. Using approaches that are non-toxic to the system, naturopathic doctors approach each person as an individual and seek to address the cause of imbalance rather than to cover up symptoms. Naturopathic medicine uses healing methods that are combined with cutting edge advances in functional and integrative medicine to create an environment that supports optimal healing from the best of both the conventional and naturopathic fields of medicine. 


Naturopathic Doctors complete four years of medical school and, during their initial two years of schooling, are trained in the basic sciences similarly to traditional medical doctors (for a full listing of the naturopathic curriculum visit Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine). The final two years of naturopathic school are dedicated to studying and practicing natural therapeutics in a clinical setting. After graduating, naturopathic doctors’ scope of practice include all aspects of family and primary care from pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as a full range of natural modalities.


Many people are taking the homeopathic approach to working through illness. Alternative medicine practitioners, board certified nutritionists and naturopathic doctors are creating healing through integrative Naturopathic Medicine that nurtures the physical, social and psychological needs of their patients which in turn creates an environment for healing.


Quality Care Through Telemedicine

Infusion Health is a Integrative Clinic offering Telemedicine to those anywhere in need. As technology advances, we have more ways than ever to take control of our health. That’s where Infusion Health comes in, offering specialized services to take healthcare to new levels.

Six Principles of Naturopathic Doctors

Guiding the Philosophy and Methodology of Naturopathic Doctors
  • Do No HarmNaturopathic medicine uses therapies that are safe and effective.
  • The Healing Power of NatureThe human body possesses the inherent ability to restore health. The physician’s role is to facilitate this process with the aid of natural, nontoxic therapies.
  • Discover and Treat the Cause, Not Just the EffectPhysicians seek and treat the underlying cause of a disease. Symptoms are viewed as expressions of the body’s natural attempt to heal. The origin of disease is removed or treated so the patient can recover.
  • Treat the Whole PersonThe multiple factors in health and disease are considered while treating the whole person. Physicians provide flexible treatment programs to meet individual health care needs.
  • The Physician is a TeacherThe physician’s major role is to educate, empower, and motivate patients to take responsibility for their own health. Creating a healthy cooperative relationship with the patient has a strong therapeutic value.
  • Prevention is the Best “Cure”Naturopathic physicians are preventive medicine specialists. Physicians assess patient risk factors and heredity susceptibility and intervene appropriately to reduce risk and prevent illness. Prevention of disease is best accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports health.

Additional Patient Information

Infusion Health Telemedicine Clinic FAQs answers your curiosities and concerns about naturopathic medicine. Infusion Health Telemedicine Clinic’s mission is to provide patients with access to essential health and educational resources to learn more about Naturopathic Medicine. We will continue to add additional resources and educational material for our patients; we do our best to make it easier for our patients to find all the links you need in one place.


Our Expertise

It’s not about treating symptoms or diseases

It is about determining what you have control over so you can live your life with the vitality and health you deserve. We live in a culture, where people are conditioned to expect aches and pains in life, so when you feel chronically tired, your stress levels are high, or your knees start to hurt, you think that’s just the way it is going to be.


The truth is that you don’t have to settle for feeling tired, run down, or overwhelmed, and you don’t have to settle for feeling average. For each of us there is a best that we can feel, and we want to help find that a better you to experience life as it should be – as you want it to be.

  • Chronic Disease
  • Digestive Problems
  • Regenerative Joint Injections
  • Fertility Support
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Chronic Fatigue

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